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Journalist, Writer, and Researcher

Usama Naeem Khalid is an accomplished journalist, writer, and researcher with a diverse background in linguistics, political science, and e-commerce. Born on 27/07/1994, Usama has dedicated himself to exploring various facets of society and culture through his work.

Usama Naeem Khalid


M.Phil. in English Linguistics

MSC in English Linguistics

Master in Political Science

Research: Usama’s scholarly contributions include a published article titled “Identity Construction Through Online Advertising of Electric Home Appliances: Critical Discourse Analysis” in the Pakistan Journal of Society, Education, and Language (PJSEL), demonstrating his expertise in critical analysis and linguistic studies.

Reference: IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION THROUGH ONLINE ADVERTISING OF ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS. (2022). Pakistan Journal of Society, Education and Language (PJSEL), 8(2), 501–518. Retrieved from

Experience: With over 10 years of writing experience, Usama has established himself as a prominent journalist, delivering insightful articles across various platforms. His expertise extends beyond journalism, with a wealth of experience in e-commerce, brand building, marketing, and advertising. He has worked with renowned brands such as Amazon, Alibaba, and 1688, contributing to their success through his strategic insights.

Additionally, Usama possesses extensive experience in handling shipments of significant value, showcasing his proficiency in logistics and operations management.

Profiles: Connect with Usama Naeem Khalid through his social media profiles or visit his website for more information on his work and achievements.

Usama’s dedication to excellence and his passion for uncovering stories that resonate with audiences make him a valuable asset in the world of journalism and academia.