UMAC Balikbayan Box Prices and Sizes

UMAC Balikbayan box sizes and prices may depend on the type of goods you are sending, distance and mode of delivery. UMAC offers different sizes of boxes, and each size has different pricing based on the shipper’s shipping demands and the item’s category.

What is Balikbayan Box?

Balikbayan is a Filipino term which means “returning home”. Balikbayan Boxes are large and sturdy boxes with a capacity for multiple goods. These are eco-friendly and budget-friendly boxes that Filipino communities use to send goods to their loved ones. UMAC Balikbayan box services are considered on of the best in Philippines and all over the world.

UMAC Balikbayan Box

UMAC Balikbayan Box Tracking

UMAC is considered the best Filipino Balikbayan Box sending company that provides fast delivery and UMAC box tracking services. UMAC provides you with a Balikbayan box tracking number. You need to put the tracking number with the shipper name, and you will have real-time tracking of your box. You can track your UMAC Balikbayan Box from Carriage Tracking website. It offers you a best UMAC tracking solution.

Size of Balikbayan Box

Usually, the balikbayan box comes in three sizes with different dimensions.

  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
Size LabelSize in Inches
Medium Size18″ x 16″ x 18″
Large Size18″ x 18″ x 24″
Extra Large Size24″ x 18″ x 24″
Balikbayan Box Sizes
UMAC Box Size

UMAC Balikbayan Box Size: 

UMAC offers various sizes of Balikbayan Boxes. The size and dimensions are designed based on user needs, demand and the type of items that need to be shipped.

UMAC offers four (4) box sizes

  1. Regular Box
  2. Half Box
  3. Promo Box
  4. Baby Box
UMAC balikbayan box size
Size LabelsSizes in inches
Regular Box22″ x 23″ x 20.5″
Half Box18.5″×18.5″ x 16″
Promo Box15.25″ × 15.25″ × 14″
Baby Box15″ x 18″ x 18″
UMAC Balikbayan Box Sizes

Each box is designed specially to meet customers’ needs. The Regular Box is designed for large items, while the half box is the best choice for small things like books. The promo box is economical, and the baby package is a perfect choice for small, handy products. Cutting short, UMAC Express Cargo has perfect sizes for your shipments.

UMAC Balikbayan Box Prices

The prices of boxes vary based on the sizes. It costs $5 for a baby box and $10 for a regular box. UMAC can deliver the balikbayan box to your home by charging $2 extra, which will get replenished upon picking up the package. The shipping rate of UMAC Express Cargo is $7.50/lb, and 40 kg is the weight limit for Air Cargo.


UMAC Forwarder Express provides you with cost-effective and secure solutions for shipments. Their specialty is Balikbayan Boxes which help the Filipino community to send parcels to their loved ones. The size variation allows the customers to pick a box according to their needs, making it an economical option. UMAC Cargo Philippines also provides fast tracking of shipments. All these specialties make UMAC the best shipping option for Filipinos. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are three standard sizes of Balikbayan Box: (1) Medium size 18” × 16” × 18” inches or 46 cm × 41 cm × 46 cm (2) Large Size: 18” × 18” × 24” inches or 46 cm × 46 cm × 61 cm (3) Extra-large Size : 24” × 18” × 24” inches or 61 cm × 46 cm × 61 cm.

Extra-large Size : 24” × 18” × 24” inches or 61 cm × 46 cm × 61 cm is the Maximum Size Limit of Balikbayan Box. In other words it must not be over 20 Cubic Meters.

The cost of a Balikbayan box depends on the size and weight of the box. Usually the price range stats from $60 to $150 depending on the size, weight and items inside the box.

Usually it takes 8 to 12 weeks to deliver Balikbayan Box. It also depends on the season.

Usually the weight limit of Balikbayan box is 12 LB or less, depending on the forwarder you use.  

Balikbayan box is a cardboard box. It is easy to assemble box filled with items Filipino people want to send to their loved ones.

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