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UMAC Tracking Status Online- Track Your Box- Shipment Tracker

Put your UMAC tracking Number or box number in the tracker box above and track your UMAC, Forex cargo shipments, and balikbayan boxes online.

You can check and trace the status of your parcels, shipments, and cargo at any time without any problem within a few seconds.

Just follow these steps to track your UMAC shipments and delivery status

  • Step 1. Find the customer’s last name and tracking number or UMAC Box Number
  • Step 2. Open the Carriage Tracking website
  • Step 3. Put your Box Number, i.e. (UMTC461625)
  • Step 4.  Enter your Last Name, i.e. (Julia)
  • Step 5. Click on the “Track” Button
  • Step 6. Now your Tracking Status is in Front of you

How to Get the UMAC Tracking Number?

When you book the service of UMAC Forwarders Express Inc, the booking agent provides you a box number or shipment number upon submitting your parcel or balikbayan box. That box number is your UMAC tracking number you can use it for UMAC box tracking.

You can use the box number to track your shipment status anytime on Carriage Tracking Website. 

UMAC Express Tracking Number Format

UMAC tracking number is consist of 9 digits or more, starting with alphabets and ending with a number. Please save the shipper’s last name to avoid any trouble.

Example of UMAC Tracking Number or UMAC Box Number

Box numberLast Name
Example of UMAC Cargo Tracking Number

UMAC Cargo Tracking Methods

You can Track your UMAC Tracking status through different methods

  • Tracking Through Website, i.e., Carriage Tracking
  • Tracking through Registered Email
  • Track through Phone number
  • Tracking through Courier Tracker apps

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UMAC Express Customer Service


UMAC Tracking Contact Number Philippines

UMAC offers 24/7 customer care support. If you face any tracking, shipment, or delivery issues, contact this +63284707872 UMAC Cargo Philippines customer care number.

You can contact provincial branches as well. UMAC has selected the locations of it s branches to make it possible that the services should be reached to every customer.

you can also contact on contact numbers of your nearest UMAC branches to get your issue resolved immediately.

UMAC United States (US), Canada (CA), Europe & New Zealand

UMAC Express Cargo USA has a vast network of its offices in United states. This network is spread all over the US. In many state and cities like Hawaii, Jacksonville, Chicago, Honolulu, Florida and Arizona it has a strong customer base. UMAC works in collaboration with many companies like Freedom cargo, Forex Cargo and many more courier services and Freight Forwarding Companies. Customers live there can visit or contact nearest branch.

UMAC Canada closely work with forex Cargo. This vast network has major branches in many prominent cities like Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Customers live there can visit or contact nearest branch. You can also check Freedom cargo Tracking and Forex Tracking here as well as both companies work closely with UMAC.

UMAC Philippines also has reached to many countries of Europe like UK, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Norway. It also has some branches in Singapore, Dubai and Bahrain. It also has started it working in Korea as well. It is widely used Fright Forwarding service in the world as it also has branches in New Zealand (NZ) and Australia.

You can visit your nearest branch to book your service or you can contact the specific branch through phone numbers.

UMAC Express Email

You can contact the customer care through the official Customer care mail of UMAC Cargo and can write the your subject of mail and your problem in detail. They will response you will all the possible solutions. Or you can visit any nearest UMAC office or customer care center. To get help on your specific problem.

UMAC Express Cargo Head Office Philippines

The head office of UMAC is in Philippines. The exact office address is:

130 lpil st. cor. Lpil ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City, 1810, Philippines.

You can google your nearest office and UMAC Branches with contact details and address. While sending your delivery you need to see the list of prohibited items and UMAC balikbayan box sizes guidance and other requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enter your Tracking Number in the above-given tool and click “track.” After that and all of your shipment details will appear on the screen.

Yes, you can track it. The carriage tracking tool will give you the exact location, and also you will get information about under what process your parcel is.

6 to 8 weeks it takes to deliver your parcel in the Philippines.

You can track your balikbayan box by putting your box number in the carriage tracking tool.

(632)8-470-7872 is UMAC cargo express Philippine’s contact number.

UMAC takes around 6 to 8 weeks for shipping the parcels and Balikbayan Box to Philippines.

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