UMAC Tracking Number – How You Can Get It, Example of UMAC Cargo Tracking Number

UMAC Tracking Number
UMAC Tracking Number

UMAC Tracking Number

UMAC Express Cargo Tracking number consists of 9 or more digits. The format of the number is letters followed by the numbers. Customers will receive it after confirmation of their order. You can track your parcel with this tracking number through Carriage Tracking. Tracking Number is a box number posted on your box side while booking the shipment.

If you are confused about how you will get your tracking number and how to track your box, there is a detailed guide for you on this website.

Example of UMAC Tracking Number

Sometimes for new customers, it is hard to identify which one is your UMAC Express cargo Tracking number and how it looks like. Forex Cargo tracking number can also be used as the UMAC Cargo tracking number, as both companies are affiliated.

To kill this confusion, here is an example of a tracking number that can give you an idea how it looks like. 

BOX Number

  • UMTC458065
  • WLA3788341
  • EFL338915
  • TFB107010
  • UMTC461625


  • Maria
  • Jose
  • Danial
  • Lili
  • Joseph

How to get UMAC Tracking Number

When you book UMAC of Forex Cargo services, they provide you the receipt with the box details, including the Box number, which is your UMAC Tracking number. For Example you have book shipment through UMAC Express Cargo USA then the representative will provide you a receipt on which you will have the UMAC Balikbayan Tracking Number or Box number.

You need to save this Tracking number as this is the identity of your shipment to track it or to deal with any problem that may occur with your shipment during the process. 

UMAC Tracking Number Vs Box Number
UMAC Tracking Number Vs Box Number

What is the UMAC box number?

When you book your shipment, the UMAC Cargo Company will put a label on the side of your box with a box number. This nine-digit box number is also your UMAC tracking number. You can use this number for UMAC Tracking of your parcel.  

Once the shipment is booked, the company’s representative will provide you with a box number; you need to save it to track your parcel.

UMAC Cargo Philippines

UMAC Express Cargo is a Freight Forwarding, Courier, and Logistic Company. It offers multiple services like UMAC Box, Balikbayan Box, and International and domestic shipments. It also has a robust tracking system not only for UMAC Cargo Philippines but also for other countries. You can track your shipments while sitting in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and UMAC Canada, or anywhere in the world.

UMAC is strict with international and national import and export laws, which makes it a reputed and trusted logistic service. It also has a List of Prohibited Items that are unlawful to ship within the Philippines and the United States mentioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

UMAC tracking number looks like this “UMTC458065”. It starts with the alphabet and ends with a number. 

Usually, it consists of a total of nine digits but it can be more than 9 as well.

Yes, the UMAC tracking number and box number are the same.

On booking the service, the UMAC agent provides you with a box number that you can use to track the parcel.

Put your tracking number on the Carriage Tracking website’s Tracking Tool, and you will get accurate time detail of your package.

You need a UMAC tracking number or box number. Put that in the tracking tool to get your parcel details.

Within 6-8 weeks, your parcel will reach its destination in the Philippines.

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