What is Courier Service? – Types, Tracking Methods & Selection Guide

What is Courier Service. A shipper delivering Parcel

In this world of Global trade, shipping goods from one place to an other is a common practice. The first question arose in mind what is courier service and how to select a courier and what are best courier companies for you. In this article we will answer all these questions for you so you can select a reliable company for your shipments.

A courier service is a service that helps people to send their important goods like documents, money, and packages from one location to the other. People can book it online or the sender can submit it to the nearest office of a specific courier company.

In the recent decade, the world become so connected that in the morning people buy a product from America, and they can receive their parcel in India the very next morning with safety and security through courier companies and their professional international and domestic services and this increased the importance of courier services. Well-known examples are DHL, FedEx, UPS, UMAC, Airtag, Flash Express, Sicepat Express, etc.

What is courier Service

How to Send a Courier?

In this advanced world, companies provide a variety of services. There are thousands of companies offering shipping services and questions like what is courier service and how to send a courier become more significant in such situations.

The process of sending a parcel is simple as you just need to select a courier on the basis of bellow mentioned criteria and then you can book a shipment by visiting the selected courier company’s office or asking for pick up service.

How to Send a Courier

Some companies also provide home services in which an agent of the company visits your home to pick up the parcel with the necessary details and submit it to the office for shipment. You just need to pick a suitable courier company and book your shipment.

Tracking Parcels and Shipments

Ways of Tracking Parcel. tracking website, apps, tools

Once you get a tracking number from the courier service you can check it online through reliable courier tracking websites like Carriage Tracking. You can contact customer service, or can get Update on cell phone through SMS.

The main ingredient of success for professional shipping services is safe fast and efficient delivery to satisfy their customers. For this purpose, each courier company provides their customers a parcel shipping tracking number to track their goods so that customers get updates on their shipments in real-time.

Almost every company provides a tracking system on their websites or some of the affiliate websites for tracking global and domestic packages.

Many companies also update their customers through SMS services on the customer’s mobile number or a customer can call the helpline of that specific courier company to get updates about their consignments.

Difference Between Postal and Courier Services

A through comparison of Courier and postal service help us to understand what is courier service. The major difference between a courier and a postal service is efficiency in delivery time as couriers take less time that is why businesses and enterprises use couriers to save time, for them time is money.

Although both courier and Postal companies are closely connected and many companies provide both services, there is little difference between a courier and a Postal service.

Courier service VS Postal Service
  • Couriers are time-saving and provide fast deliveries while Postal services are time taking
  • Courier gives leverages to use customized packages, dimensions, and weights. While the Postal service has specific predefined dimensions and weight limit
  • Courier are a bit expensive due to their time-efficient services. While Postal services are a cheaper way of sending goods due to the conventional way of logistics
  • In courier shipments, the sender takes responsibility to pay taxes and duty fees in advance. While in the Postal service mostly the receiver has to clear customs and other taxes

All these differences make courier shipment smooth and easy as compared to the Postal services.

Types of Courier Services

Types of Courier Service

There are various kinds of services that courier companies offer, few are mentioned bellow

1. Standard Delivery

These are normal delivery service which is cost-effective as well. In these couriers, companies use conventional ways to send parcels. In standard delivery services courier companies uses their pre-defined schedule of delivery.

2. Express Delivery

As shown by the name express services are the type of delivery that courier companies provide in specific areas where they have a strong pick & drop network. Mostly in express delivery services parcels are likely to deliver on the same day. Shein express shipping is prime example of it.

3. International Delivery

This is nowadays the most valuable and common kind as it connects people of one county with the market of other countries. Most Logistic and courier companies have a deep network of their branches in many countries or they have collaboration contracts with local logistic companies to provide smooth and fast services. Many big companies like Ups, FedEx, Flash Express, UMAC DHL, LBC, and SF are prime examples of them.

4. Overnight Delivery

These services increase the importance of shipping goods through courier as they help businesses and entrepreneurs to crack deals in no time. These companies provide the fastest delivery and consider a godsend for those who need to deliver parcels in an emergency.

5. Freight Forwarding

For large businesses, freight forwarding is a blessing as it helps businesses to deliver products in bulk. It also allows businesses to deliver hazardous materials that need special protocols.

6. On-Demand Delivery

On-demand services are a type of service that people assign to the agent of a courier company to buy and deliver a product or gift.

These are some common services that almost all big companies are providing. Due to their vast network, many companies are now now provide gift buying and delivering services on demand for events like birthdays, weddings, and so on.

Key Factors to Select a Courier Service

Selecting the best suitable company for your shipment is crucial, especially in this fast era of online business. Everyone wants the product safely at their doorstep as early as possible.

Almost all online & e-commerce businesses are running on the bases of courier companies that ship their products to customers. While selecting the best courier company for your business and shipments following factors must be considered:

1. Reputation of the Courier Company

Every big country has well-known courier companies. Selecting a suitable company is crucial as it saves you money and time and delivers your product.

2. Availability in Sender & Receiver Area

Delivery time matters the most as in this online world buying, selling and businesses demand fast movement of their products and parcels.

Key Factors to Select a Courier Service

3. Cost Effective

The cost comes first, in this age of competition, there are so many shipping companies that are providing services in almost every corner of the world. The competition between these companies highlights the importance of the right courier service to get your product shipped in the least fright rats.

4. Delivery Time

While sending a product, availability near to you also has an impact on fast delivery. As many companies have offices in various locations within the country and globally so it has a positive impact on fast delivery if the selected Courier Company has offices near the sender and receiver.

5. Courier Tracking for Parcel & Shipments

This must be a major consideration while selecting a company to ship your goods. In today’s world of internet, almost every company offers online tracking system for real time tracking of shipping process. While booking companies provide a number to clients to get tracking info through their website or through SMS that you can use to track your parcel’s shipping process.

6. Limitations of Courier Service

Always see whether your chosen company has the ability to ship your products as sometimes carriages are of higher weight and dimensions or has some sensitive products that need special care while shipment so always see the capabilities and limitation of the company you are selecting.

7. Safety of products

You spend money on buying the product and if comes to you in broken or ruptured form then it will cost you money and time. Even a single missing courier can cost big business huge lose and that is why while selecting a courier company safety is a key factor.

8. Equipment

The logistic service industry is too huge that now Courier Companies have the latest technologies to handle their work. Big companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, UMAC, Flash Express, Sicepat Express, and SF Courier are well equipped and even a few of them have their own cargo ships to handle shipments on daily basis

9. Technical Support

Technical and logistic support is compulsory nowadays. Logistic carriers and courier companies provide you a tracking number to track your parcel to have real time updates of your parcel. So a reliable company should have customer and technical support available for you in the whole process of shipment.

World Top Courier Companies

There are thousands of courier companies. In the last two decades, the world become so connected and e-commerce revolutionized the industry of Logistics. Every country has its own courier companies which are connected with the companies of other countries and make a dense web of logistics and courier services.

It is hard to cover every company, but based on reliability and best tracking parcel services, these are some best courier companies for international shipping, local shipping, and other logistic services

1. Flash Express (Asia)

It is a well-known Courier company from Thailand. It covers a wide range of delivery, courier, and logistic service including express delivery, e-commerce solutions, and domestic & international shipping services. Flash network has gained popularity due to its efficient delivery services, easy tracking, advanced technology, and reasonable pricing. Flash Express tracking company is considered one of the most reliable courier partners in Thailand, Philippines, USA, Canada, and India.

2. UMAC Courier & Forex Cargo (Asia)

Forex Cargo is a well-established company worldwide while UMAC is its child company that gained the reputation of being a specialized courier company due to its advanced service in freight forwarding and shipping services. It provides door-to-door delivery, cargo consolidation, sea freight, and UMAC balikbayan boxes service.

It gained popularity in the Philippines for its reliability easy tracking and cost-effective shipping solutions. Filipino living abroad use its services to send goods to the Philippines which is why it gained popularity in the USA, Canada, and other countries where the Filipino community is present. UMAC tracking system allows them to track and trace their shipments in real time.

3. SF Express (Asia)

It is considered as most reliable and leading courier company in China. I was established in 1993 and since then no other company matches the fast-growing speed of SF express. SF is known for its range of services including logistics, freight transportation, supply chain management, fast express delivery, and easy tracking.

4. DHL Express & Deutsche Post DHL Group (Germany)

DHL Express is a German-based global courier company and a subdivision of Deutsche Post DHL Group. It is considered one of the largest express and courier companies in the world. It has a network covering almost 200 countries. It is known for its availability in almost every corner of the world. It is famous for its time-efficient delivery services, international express delivery, customs clearance, and e-commerce solutions. While Deutsche Post handles the mail and parcel services in Germany. DHL’s work load is to high but their working is very smooth and fast. If you ever face DHL shipment on hold then you have to contact the company for details and they will guide you to handle such issues.

5. Sicepat Express (Indonesia)

An Indonesian-based Courier Company that gained world-level popularity in no time. Sicepat Express was established in 2014 and till then it recognized due to its efficient and timely delivery service, fast-tracking technology, and reliability.

6. UPS & USPS (United States)

United Parcel Service was established USA in 1907. It is a global courier, parcel, logistics, and supply chain management company. It is known for its express delivery, fast tracking, Logistics consultancy, freight transportation, and delivery trucks that they use for shipments. United post is considers one of the largest courier service. UPS is known for large shipments while USPS known for small shipments and mails. USPS Office timings vary location to location but many offices offers the services all over the year except US Federal holidays.

7. FedEx Corporation (United States)

It is a multinational courier company established in 1971 in the USA. It provides comprehensive services including express delivery, fast tracking, freight transportation, e-commerce solutions, and supply chain management. FedEx is recognized for its reliable, time-definite deliveries and advanced tracking capabilities.

8. Royal Mail (United Kingdom)

It is one of the oldest postal and Courier Companies in the world. It was established in 1516 as a national Postal service of the United Kingdom and till then it is providing mail and parcel and logistic services domestically and internationally. Royal Mail is known for its reliable delivery, fast tracking, and extensive network all around the globe.

It offers a wide range of services including express delivery, cargo services, e-commerce and fulfillment service, and warehousing domestically and internationally.

Pros and Cons of Using Courier Services

Courier services changed the shape of business and transportation. They are benefiting mankind on their full but everything has some of their drawbacks. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons


  • Speedy, efficient, reliable safe, and affordable.
  • Best suits to small and medium-budget businesses and enterprises
  • Accessible for individuals and for small shipments
  • Provide the best options for businesses who are looking for less delivery expenditure
  • Have roots and connections in every major city
  • Provide door-to-door services in less time


  • Charge high rates due to its speedy services
  • Strict to their dimension and weight limitations
  • Pre-defined and designed Packages
  • Shipments are handed over to many connected services to make shipment fast that makes it less reliable for luxury items and more chances of damage to goods

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of service in which goods, parcels, letters, and documents delivers from one place to another. Courier services are unique due to fast delivery as compared to traditional post and standard shipping.

There are two major types of courier services one is private and the other is public. Private courier companies are known for their fast, efficient, and timely services, while public services mostly refer to regular mail or post services like Australia Post and china post. These services run through a proper channel for which they require time.

Both are types of courier services but the major difference is that one is private and the other is public. Private courier companies are known for their fast, efficient, and timely services, while public services mostly refer to regular mail or post services like Australia Post and china post. These services run through a proper channel for which they require time.

No, postal services are typically operated and controlled by the national government while courier services are mostly private.

UMAC, Flash Express, and Sicepat Express can be considered couriers, whereas USPS is a postal service.

No, postal services are typically operated and controlled by the national government while courier services are mostly private.

The cost of a courier depends on various factors such as speed of delivery, dimensions, weight, material, shipping destination, and many more. Usually, a standard delivery charge starts from $20-$25 for small and lightweight parcels.

FedEx is a multinational courier company that provide shipping and courier services domestically and internationally.

United Parcel Service, Inc. Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S. UPS is the largest courier company in the world by revenue, with annual revenues around US$85 billion in 2020

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