DHL Shipment On Hold, Reasons, Solutions And Procedures

What does DHL Shipment On Hold Mean?

DHL Shipment On Hold

When your shipping get hold by the company or by customs you will get the notification by the DHL company that your DHL express shipment on hold due to any specific issue. There can be many reason for shipment is on hold DHL.

You may get alerts about shipment on hold DHL through SMS, Mail or in your DHL tracking status. This notification can bring the news that your shipment is on hold by DHL or customs or the issue that is preventing your shipment to process towards the delivery.

There are several ways to gather more information about the delay or any issue occurs with your shipment. When you find that the freight has been postponed, take into account these actions. Such as;

  • Contact the company
  • Track route

DHL Shipment On Hold

Contact the company

  • First of all you should contact with the customer care of DHL and ask about the reason that why is my DHL shipment is on hold.
  • Confirm the package’s information, such as tracking number, customer name and destination.
  • The focal person will provide you the update or some important details regarding the delay.
  • They will explain you the reason for the holdup and will give you a rough timeline that when the shipping process will continue.
  • When a situation that can make it impossible to predict when the shipment can proceed shipping process, like a natural disaster or any societal disturbance occurs
  • The representative will explain the reason of the delay.
  • If the shipment is still on held, you can contact their service center to get an update.

Track the route

By tracking the route you are provided by the company you can check their employee which route his is using for your parcel. Get more information about the seller you have purchased your goods.

If you have gotten the idea of the place from where you have purchased the parcel, you can check if any natural or human made disaster has occurred in the way which is creating problem in delivering things. You can check those routes on google. It will help you in finding out the problems.

You can also read the reviews given by other people who are using these services and this will help you to figure out if it is a common issue or it is something that is very critical with your shipping.

DHL Shipments

DHL Shipment is a shipping service for transporting goods and products from one country to another. In this way this service has connected a lot of people together. A survey has suggested over 220 countries are connected through this platform. It provides a number of employment to different people. Over 600000 people are driving this platform. People can send their goods, information, letters etc. through this service either by buses, airplanes or even through seas.

Customers, research and educational institutes, commercial partners, and logistics specialists are all brought together by the corporation throughout the many DHL business divisions to facilitate collaboration. As a pioneer in the logistics sector, DHL strategically invests in the study of trends and the creation of innovative products.

It works with the collaboration of different countries not only providing services for postal but also increasing harmony. Therefore it has become world’s largest courier company.

DHL is world renowned company used by different companies and it has direct impact on the service of these companies like Shein delivery time or Temu shipping time, or delivery time of any online store, that use DHL Tracking and delivery service.

DHL Shipment On Hold

A lot of issues can be occurred in delaying the goods to transfer from one place to another. Such as natural disasters, social unrest, strikes, company’s issue, closed borders, port congestion, unavailability of the staff or ships, route changes, unavailability of the resources, lack of harmony among countries, incomplete documentation, holidays, parcel stay at line haul office, or unrealistic staff behavior etc.

Sometimes, DHL shipment on hold after clearance processing complete can also happened due to some legal documentation process but in that case you don’t need to worry about it as it is now on company to sort it out.

DHL collaborates with many companies to speed up their services in the area where it needs to be. These collaborations also has an impact on the reasons of DHL shipment on hold.

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Why my DHL shipment is on hold?

If there is any natural disaster or any delaying issue has occurred on the way of shipment, it causes troubles for both sides; the one who is going to receive the order and for the seller as well. It not only frustrates both of them but also creating a sense of lack of believing each other. Until it does not get solved, the parcel cannot reach its destination.

The delivery process constitutes one of among the most crucial elements of a purchase made via the internet. But when the issue with your order occurs it may delay your shipment, then you might caught by the confusion that whether you need to contact the courier service or with the selling party to enquire about your shipment or the issue happened with your shipment.

In instance, you might be unsure of what is going on if you hear a notification announcing that your DHL shipment on hold by the company. It is briefly explained bellow that what it meant by the statement that your DHL shipment on hold and what measures you can take about it and how you can resolve it

What does DHL Shipment on hold mean?

You will know that the delivery has halted when you get a notification stating that your shipment is on hold DHL. There are many reasons and factors that can cause holding of your shipping by DHL. They will inform you about the delay by notifying you that your DHL shipment on hold. This does not indicate that the seller has canceled the order or that the package is lost. It simply indicates that anything happened during delivery that is preventing the delivery driver from getting closer to your location.

How long will my shipment be on hold DHL?

Before going anywhere, you must know the shipping process that a sender is using and also about the seller if you are purchasing something online. You must determine whether your seller store their goods on-site or in a warehouse. If they employ a warehouse, you must ascertain the whereabouts of the warehouses.

Most often, the person who fills your order is the nearest to you. Next, think about the locations of the company’s transit hubs. If the carrier was far away from the seller, they probably wouldn’t utilize the service because it would increase the cost of shipment.

There are a number issues that the shipment has postponed. It will generally rely upon what caused it, for example, on the off chance that the shipment holds due to a blocked region, this will probably be settled rapidly as it gets fine or the issue gets solved.

These minor issues can be the unavailability of the staff, the improper documentation, bulk of goods moving from one country to another but it breaks down in the unavailability of the cargo.

Or on the other hand on the off chance that the shipment hold issue is a direct result of serious climate, pandemic, or a tsunami then there would be a deferral.

Most issues are settled in no less than 48 hours, however some of the time it requires ten days, a month, sometimes 3 months and nobody knows when they will be settled. Accordingly, it would be smarter to contact client care administrations when the issue emerges.


In this era of ecommerce people rapidly order products from different platforms and courier and freight forwarding companies ship the products. But while shipment there can be issue that can occur that can halt your shipping to be deliver or can rise the issue of your DHL shipment on hold.

In these scenarios you need to call or contact the company to know why your DHL shipment on hold and you can ask for the estimated time to resume your delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many reasons like a natural disaster or any trouble created by the seller of the sender of parcel or lack of information. You can contact with DHL customer care to confirm the actual issue.

It depends on the issue accrued and also on the clearance of hurdles that is causing the delay in shipment process or causing your DHL shipment on hold.

It means that due to any technical or natural issue the shipment process of your product is on hold.

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