Is Aliexpress Legit, Safe & Trustworthy For Shopping Online? Tips To Avoid Ali Express Scams

Aliexpress is Legit

Ali Express is a popular global ecommerce platform. Aliexpress is Legit and safe for shopping online is now a very common question. Online shopping is now essential part of almost everyone’s life. Many E-commerce platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart and many more become giants in the online shopping field.

Yes, Aliexpress is Legit, reliable and safe for online shopping, but you need to follow the below-mentioned precautions to kill every possible chance of scams and can avail the opportunity to buy products at cheap prices for you and your business.

Some retail marketplaces enjoy the lavage of being trusted and cash it in terms of selling products at good prices. At the same time, a few platforms like Aliexpress have faced the doubt of being suspicious due to the low prices of products, and this arouses questions in buyers’ minds: Is Aliexpress safe? Is Aliexpress trustworthy? And is Aliexpress a safe website for shopping?

Aliexpress owns nothing to sell, but it connects the Chinese manufacturers and sellers with the buyers. It is a global platform, so buyers need to take some primary precautions to get saved from scams in Aliexpress online shopping.

In this article at Carriage Tracking, we will provide you with full insight into safe shopping on Aliexpress. We will help you to know the major safety precautions that you need to take while online shopping from Aliexpress and keep you safe from any possible Aliexpress Scam.

What is courier Service

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group and is one of the major players in the field of global e-commerce. Aliexpress owns nothing to sell, but it enables third-party sellers and manufacturers to connect with buyers. Unlike Alibaba, it is a retail store that gained popularity in the USA, Russia, Latin America and Europe and became the world’s second-largest retailer platform after Amazon.

Some Key Features of Aliexpress

  • Aliexpress is a popular e-commerce platform of Alibaba Group. 
  • Initially started as a platform for B2B bulk sales but now works as a retailer platform.
  • World second second-largest retailer after Amazon
  • Connects suppliers, third-party sellers and manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers, with buyers
  • Products on Aliexpress are cheaper due to its base in China and direct connections with manufacturers in China.
  • Ship products globally.
  • It provides a haven for drop shippers to buy products at low prices to sell with good margins.
  • It is known as a sourcing destination for business to buy their desired products at reasonable prices to sell further on good margins.
  • Aliexpress offers a wide range of products and categories. It has more than 10,000+ categories.

Aliexpress VS Alibaba

Alibaba and Aliexpress are both owned by Alibaba Group and are leaders in their respective areas of specifications. One serves as the leading platform for B2B and one serves as a leader in B2C.

Aliexpress Is Legit or Is It A Scam?

Yes, Aliexpress is Legitimate. Good and bad people are everywhere, so still, there are chances of bad products and scams.

It is the world’s 2nd largest retailing platform after Amazon. It has strong buyer roots in the USA, Russia, Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world. The majority of sellers on Aliexpress are safe for business as Aliexpress developed a system to cater for any chances of scams. This system includes a Buyers Protection Program that protects the purchaser and purchase.

Is Aliexpress A Safe Site To Buy Online?

Yes Aliexpress is safe to buy products online. The Buyer Protection Program provides a layer of safety to the buyers. If a buyer feels unsafe, the delivery gets late, or he finds the product not as promised by the seller, then he can open a dispute through the Aliexpress China website under the Buyer Protection program.

When you purchase a product from Aliexpress, the buyer protection program automatically applies to the purchase. This may take a few days or even weeks to resolve the dispute, but it provides a layer of protection for buyers.

You need to follow the following steps to resolve an issue under the Buyer Protection Program.

  • Contact with the supplier and discuss the issue.
  • Open a dispute on Aliexpress if the supplier is not resolving the issue and non-cooperative

If Aliexpress finds that your point is valid, then you will get your refund within 2 weeks.

Also, Aliexpress verify each seller’s identity so that the shopping experience of the Aliexpress site should be safe.

is Aliexpress safe

Why Aliexpress is Cheap : Is Aliexpress Legit?

Aliexpress is Legit E-Commerce Platform and most of the sellers on Aliexpress are wholesalers or manufacturers. Wholesalers buy products in bulk, which allows them to buy products at lower prices, which is why they offer products at lower prices as compared to other retail marketplaces. Also, in the case of a manufacturer, the products come in direct contact with end users as a retail, so this also allows the sellers to offer cheaper prices.

Why Aliexpress is cheap

How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Ship?

The shipping time depends on various factors like the shipping type, product type and much more. The time of product at the Linehaul office for various reasons, like customs clearance or matching time with the ship’s departure, also has an impact on shipping time. 

Usually, the estimated shipping time of Aliexpress is 3 to 60 days. It depends on various factors like type of delivery, country of origin, seller dispatch time, the shipping company’s timings, and country of destination.

Type of Shipping Methods Used by Aliexpress:

  • Ordinary Shipments take about 20 to 60 days
  • Aliexpress Standard Shipping takes 10 to 45 days
  • Aliexpress Premium Shipping or Private Courier shipment takes 5 to 10 days

Other Reasons of Aliexpress Late Shipments

Sometimes, the Aliexpress delivery time is affected by various reasons, including holidays in the origin of the shipping country or in the destination country, freight forwarding company’s timings and method of shipments, waiting time at linehaul office, Custom clearance and type of item or having any prohibited item used in the product as per the rules of the country of destination, or hold by the shipping company like DHL shipment on hold due to any specific reason. These reasons impect almost every big companies shipping time like shein express shipping and so on. These reasons also impact the delivery time of Aliexpress shipping, but usually, it takes 3 to 60 days to deliver the product.

Tips To Avoid Aliexpress Scams

Aliexpress is legit and safe platform but there are some essential points you need to keep in your mind before online shoppinf from Aliexpress. These point are not just for Aliexpress but also for all those who want to buy products online from any platform.

Avoid popular brands

If you are buying from Aliexpress and you see a copy of a popular brand available at very cheap prices, it is a common Aliexpress scam, and you must avoid this kind of item for many reasons. This copy can have the exact shape but will not have the exact quality the brand itself provides.

Apart from that, you cannot sell a copy of the brand as it can be the trademark of the specific brand. Selling a trademarked product is unethical and illegal, so avoid such products.

Read the Listing Carefully

Whether you are purchasing from any online store, reading the listing and description carefully is a must thing. There can be many ifs and buts linked with the obvious things like prices.

For example, you saw a product with a cheap price, and the seller has embedded conditions with a certain price, and you bought the product without reading the listing carefully. In this case, the seller is in a strong position that they have mentioned the conditions, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to read everything before buying.

Don’t be Trapped by Super-Low Prices

Aliexpress is legit platform and famous for products for cheap prices, but there is always a certain value for a product. When you are buying a product, you must know the exact value of the product. You can get an idea of product value by getting the idea of the average price of the product after comparing different sellers.

Obviously, if one seller is offering a very low price, then there are chances that the product is fake, damaged or there is a possibility of a scam or bluff. So be aware of the exact value of a product to avoid any possible Aliexpress Scam.

Read the Seller’s Reviews

In online businesses, reviews have the most weightage. Reviews are mirrors to see the conduct of a seller, type of product they are offering, and flaws of the product and much more.

Before going to purchase anything, you should read the Aliexpress site reviews given by other buyers, and this will allow you to get an idea of the product and the seller. This will save you from getting scammed by any seller.

Aliexpress Reviews

Buy products with a free return policy

Choose a product that falls under the return policy if there is any miscommitment or any misconduct by the seller. So that your chances of getting trapped by any Alibaba scam.  

Avoid Products with MOQ on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a B2C retail store, while Alibaba is a B2B Wholesale store. So, most suppliers on Aliexpress offer products at retail prices. If a seller is offering a product with the condition of MOQ, then he is trying to trap you in a system of bulk purchases. So, for a legit Aliexpress purchase, keep in mind to see if the seller has the condition if MOQ.  

Always Check Shipping Costs

When you are buying a product internationally, the shipping charges may be greater than the product price. So before buying any product, make it clear what the shipping cost of the product is.

Sometimes a seller offers a product at very low prices, but in the description, it mentions that the offering price excludes the shipping cost. So, for an Aliexpress safe purchase, you should check the shipping cost of a product.

Aliexpress Shipping Time

Before ordering a product, check the shipping time of your product and also check the courier service Aliexpress is using in your country. Shipments from Aliexpress China to the USA usually take 15 to 60 days, so it makes you aware of how much time you will get your product in your hand. Sometimes the US Post office timing and holidays also impact your delivery time.

Be Aware of Customs Regulations

In international import and export, every country’s custom makes sure that the illegal items, as per the law of the country, must not enter the country. The customs rules of every country are different. So before buying any product, see the elements of the product and the custom laws of the country of origin and destination related to those items.

Don’t forget about buyer protection

Aliexpress is legit and safe platform, especially after the induction of the Buyer Protection Program by Aliexpress. This program offers a layer of safety to every purchase. It offers a refund If any miscommitment and misconduct happens by the seller. So real all terms and conditions of buyer’s protection program. 

Check & Confirm your Order Carefully When you Receive It

Sometimes, scam sellers send you fake products and don’t provide what they promised. Check your product carefully when you receive it. If you find any glitch, scam, or misconduct, contact Aliexpress support and file a dispute.

Always Buy from Reputable Sellers

Aliexpress website reviews of a seller are the best way to determine what kind of product is that seller is offering and what is their business reputation. Reviews on Aliexpress are one parameter to choose a reputable seller. Always read reviews and choose the one about whom the buyers are satisfied. 

Aliexpress is Reliable

If you are buying a product from Aliexpress China, Aliexpress USA, Aliexpress Russia or any other country, try to find out the buyer’s reviews from your country so that you should know any possible issue that the buyer faced when they bought a product from Aliexpress.

Number of Orders Shipped

Aliexpress also allow you to see the business history of a seller. Like how many reviews they got, how many orders they have successfully shipped and the worth of those orders. So always see the business history of the seller if you want to buy from Aliexpress safely without any risk of scam.

Make Payment through AliExpress

If you are buying from Ali Express, then always remember if a seller is asking you to deal with the platform, then it can be a scam. Ali Express Buyer Protection Program allows you to save the chance to open a dispute with seller and Ali Express refund if you get scammed. So, always deal and pay through Aliexpress.

Protect your AliExpress Account

Always use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to protect your Aliexpress account so that your sensitive information is safe and no one can misuse it.

Try to Understand How Scams Work

If you are an internet user and regularly buy products online, then you must know how scams work and how to avoid them so that you don’t get trapped by any scammer. Aliexpress is trustworthy, but good and bad people are everywhere.

How to shop safely on Aliexpress

You can comfortably buy products from Aliexpress by following these steps. If you follow these steps, your confusion of whether “Aliexpress is Legit or safe to shop online” will get sorted.

  • Step 1: Sign up for Aliexpress Account
  • Step 2: Search your product
  • Step 3: Check necessary prerequisites like reviews, ratings, and average price
  • Step 3: Check the trademark database to avoid legal disclaimers if you are a reseller
  • Step 4: Check Aliexpress delivery times as per your destined country
  • Step 5: Check available Aliexpress payment methods
  • Step 6: Take all safety measures like the Buyer Protection Program and payment through Ali Express
  • Step 7: Order your product
  • Step 8: Track your Aliexpress order

Pros & Cons: A Review on Aliexpress


  • Buyer Protection Program
  • Cheap Inventory
  • Low Startup Costs
  • Extensive Product Catalog
  • Ships Direct To Consumers
  • Detailed Product Images
  • Supplier Ratings And Feedback
  • Supplier Messaging
  • Free Shipping
  • No Minimum Orders


  • Long Shipping Times
  • Complex Return Process
  • Quality Issues
  • Knockoff Products
  • Non-Existent Customer Service
  • Highly Competitive
  • Complex Processes
  • Unavailability Of Customization
  • Possibility Of Scam
  • Possibility Of Fake Products


Aliexpress is Legit and safe platform for online shopping. Every platform has some flaws, but in this age of internet and E-commerce, we should know how to address these scams and how to avoid them. We have discussed in detail why Aliexpress is legitimate platform.

You can use the Buyer Protection Program and should pay through Aliexpress. It is the world’s second-largest retailing platform, and it is proof that Aliexpress is legit trustworthy, and safe online shopping.

There are some prerequisites and safety measures you should keep following while purchasing online, not just from Aliexpress but also from other platforms like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart. By taking the necessary measures, you can minimize every possible chance of being scammed.

The majority of sellers are reputable and provide good quality products at low prices, but this guide and insight about how to buy safely on Aliexpress and how you can avoid scams, poor quality products and late shipment issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Aliexpress is legit global platform to buy products online.

Yes, Aliexpress is safe e-commerce platform. But you should be aware of some basics of online shopping so that you can minimize chances of getting scammed in online shopping.

Yes, Aliexpress is available in USA and offer continuous delivery and shipping of products. But the shipping time can be longer as compare to other shipping’s in USA.

Aliexpress is an International Ecommerce marketplace. It offers its services across the globe and ships products to its customers.

Aliexpress is based in China and owned by Alibaba Group. It is the second strongest pillar of Alibaba Group after the Alibaba platform itself.

Aliexpress is legit platform to buy products online. To source legitimate products, you should always check

  1. Product reviews
  2. Product star rating
  3. Supplier feedback score
  4. Trademarks
  5. Supplier’s guarantees
  6. Create a test order
  7. Avoid brand products

Yes, Aliexpress is legit and safe place to shop online. But you need to take necessary safety measures, like review checks, price point analysis and pay through the platform to avoid any chance of risk and scam.

Aliexpress allow you to register a refund claim within 15 days of completion of an order. You can open a dispute with the supplier on Aliexpress on the order page.

Delivery time of Aliexpress in the USA is around 15-60 days.

AliExpress Shipment Time to the US is dependent on various factors like customs clearance, wait at the line haul office, holidays and many more.

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