What Does Arrived At Linehaul Office Mean? Detailed Explanation, Locations, Shipping, Delivery, & Aliexpress Tracking

Define Linehaul

Arrived At Linehaul Office

Line haul refers to the transportation of goods from one station to another by using any means of transportation, including air, sea or land. These stations can be ports, cities, warehouses or any spot that shipping companies use during the delivery process.

Courier Companies collect goods at a designated depot and group the goods of the same destination or route into one. Then the next process of shipment takes place to deliver the product towards the hubs or distribution centers.

Have you ordered something from Aliexpress, and the Aliexpress tracking status contains the “arrived at linehaul office”? And if you do not understand what “arrived at linehaul office” means, then you are not the only one. Aliexpress is a legit platform but due to the lack of knowledge some buyers questions the safety of purchasing from Aliexpress.

For every person who is not familiar with the international shipping process this statement of linehaul tracking status is confusing, but we are going to explain it in detail. 

The international shipping and delivery process is time-consuming and complex, which involves different routes, the involvement of different partnered courier companies and warehousing services.

For example, if a parcel has to be delivered from China to a town in the UK or the US, then the parcel needs to travel from different stations and routes.

Firstly, the parcel will Arrived At Linehaul Office which can be the main center of the company in a territory or partnered company’s office and then will be dispatched to the other sub-center from where it will be delivered to its real destination.

However in the carriage tracking procedures, companies take the record of a few important stops where they update the status of the parcel delivery process.

Received or arrived at linehaul office is one of the important stops where companies gather the goods of one delivery destination in a group to transport further.


Line Haul Significado means the transportation process and global Cainiao is a tracking system that track all the shipments from china to other parts of the world.

What Does “Arrived At Linehaul Office” Mean?

What does Arrived at Linehaul office mean?

linehaul office

In shipping and logistics, the term Line Haul denotes the process of transportation of goods from a very long distance by using different means of transportation, including Air, Sea, and land.

In this process, courier companies use different routes and stop partner companies’ offices and warehouses to align the shipment process according to the destination process. These centers are known as Line Haul Centers.

Usually, after the dispatching of orders by the supplier, the shipment arrived at linehaul office in 1 to 2 weeks. 

Courier companies gather the goods at a center from where they get categorized and arranged in groups or a container based on their same destination point. From line haul centers, they move towards other destinations like hubs or distribution centers.

In other words, arrived at Linehaul office means that the goods are transferred to another company or station that will align the parcel and, group them according to their destination and deliver them to proceed further towards sorting centers, hubs or distribution centers from where they will proceed towards their destination.

Where are the main shipping offices located?

If you received a notification that your delivery “arrived at mainline Office,” then you need to see the whole tracking history of your order. The Linehaul office is not a specific location, but it denotes the various centers and spots that companies use to assemble and organize their shipping to align the shipping process. Line haul office locations also impacts the Temu shipping time.

Most Line haul Aliexpress tracking status contains the information of offices that you need to track through your tracking history when you receive the notification of “Arrived at linehaul office”.

Many courier services and their issues are also dealt at line haul offices and it impact on services and their reputation like some times DLH holds the shipment due to the longer stay at line haul. It also effect the shipping times of courier companies for example, arrival of shipment, its stay and leaving time also has impact on Shein delivery time.

How long will it take at Linehaul, and how long will it take for the parcel to be delivered?

In the case of the Aliexpress order delivery process and Aliexpress tracking status, arrived at linehaul office may appear at any stage of the delivery. Even the shipping company can’t give you the exact time that it will take at the Line haul Office because it depends on various factors.

line haul aliexpress

These factors are

  1. Country of origin of Parcel
  2. Country of Transit of Shipping
  3. Country of Final Destination
  • Country of origin of Parcel: If your shipment is in China and it is mentioned that the Parcel “arrived at linehaul office,” then the waiting time can be 20 to 60 days.
  • Country of Transit of Shipping: If your shipment is in transit country and the notification of “arrived at linehaul office” appears then the waiting time can be 10 to 30 days.
  • Country of Final Destination: If the distribution or hub center is mentioned, then the parcel is in the destination country. Notification of “arrived at Linehaul appears, then the approximate waiting time can be 7 to 14 days.

In a nutshell, the stay of a parcel at the line haul office depends on various factors like customs, volume, ship or flight schedule, freight forwarding schedule and much more. So the time of stay for every parcel can be different. It might be possible that a parcel at Linehaul UK takes a little more time due to customs clearance, and the same product takes less time to clear at Linehaul USA. 

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How does the process of shipping tracking and delivery work on Aliexpress?

When a customer places the order at Aliexpress, then the supplier proceeds the shipping by using Aliexpress standard shipping and after dispatching the order it provides the tracking number to the customer to track the shipment process of their order. This Aliexpress tracking shows each step of shipment from which the order goes through to reach its final destination.

During the shipping process, the parcel travels through different spots, including ports, cities, warehouses, linehaul offices, hubs and distribution centers. Aliexpress tracking status mentions each spot and process from where your shipment passes through and that is why “Arrived at linehaul office also appears in tracking status.

Why your parcel is stuck and spent time at the linehaul office?

There can be many reasons that play a role in the stay time of a parcel at the linehaul center.

1Consolidation goods
2Fight schedule management
3Hand over to final shipping company
4Customs clearance and procedure
5Volume of goods
  • Consolidation goods: In Aliexpress standard shipping, the goods move to linehaul offices for consolidation. Once a good amount of parcels gathers at the same destination point, Aliexpress proceeds to ship all parcels to the same shipping country or area at once in bulk.
  • Fight schedule management: The parcel and ordered goods need to align with the shipping schedule of the aliexpress partnered courier service. This schedule and alignment can make your order wait until it meets the shipping schedule of the shipping company.
  • Hand over to final shipping company: Mostly, line haul offices are used to hand over the goods from one company to another company that has more delivery resources in your area. Hence, the shipping process takes place in time and with safety. This transition may affect the time of your parcel at the linehaul center.
  • Customs clearance and procedure: In international delivery, companies need to counter customs procedures of other countries. Every country has different customs laws, so sometimes these procedures take some time, and your parcel needs to stay at the linehaul facility until the customs procedure is completed.
  • Volume of goods: Companies have to manage the volume of the order, so they have to align orders accordingly so they can manage the space they have in the container. If the volume of your product is large, then it might be possible that your parcel stays a little more at the linehaul facility for adjustment of space in the container with other orders.

In a nutshell, every order that needs to be delivered at a long distance needs to stay at the linehaul office to be in line with the above-mentioned procedures to make the shipping process smooth and flawless. It is something normal in international shipments, so there is no point of concern to worry about it because, with the alignment of procedure, your parcel will be delivered.

What to do if your parcel is delayed at the linehaul Office?

If your order is stuck at the linehaul office Aliexpress, then there is no need to worry about it; it is usual. But, if it took longer than the usual stay then you can follow these steps to check it.

  • Wait for 2 weeks: Usually, International orders take almost 10 to 20 days at linehaul centres before starting shipping further. So wait for 2 weeks and see if your order starts moving in the shipping process.
  • Check the tracking status daily: Keep an eye on your order’s tracking status to see if there is any change in the Aliexpress tracking order status.
  • Contact the seller: If there is no progress and update in the tracking status, then contact the seller and enquire about the possible reason.
  • Claim disputes with the seller: If the delay is more than 40 days, then you need to open a dispute with the seller to claim the refund.

In a nutshell, your delivery at the linehaul centre can take 20 to 40 days (with standard delivery time) as well, so you need to be patient about it and have to keep an eye on your tracking status. Due to the complications of international delivery, these delays can happen, and it is normal.


“Arrived at Linehaul office” is a part of international delivery, where shipping companies hold parcels for various purposes, including customs clearance, inline the orders according to destination, space issue clearance, meeting flight schedule and much more. It is normal; you don’t need to worry about it as it can take 2 weeks normally at the Linehaul facility; after 2 weeks, you can take measures to resolve it if you think it is unusual.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Arrived at linehaul office” means that your shipment has arrived at any of the distribution centers or at a point where it needs some necessary arrangements to deliver the parcel further.

Linehaul, meaning in logistics, refers to the movement of freight from one destination to another by using different means of transportation, including air, sea and land. It is used for long-distance transportation where courier companies need to counter different stops, transit centers, cities, depots, ports and warehouses for safe delivery.

Usually, it takes 2 weeks for necessary arrangements for international delivery at the linehaul office. But, in many cases, it can take a little more depending on the various factors, like meeting flight schedules, customs clearance and much more.

Yes, the parcel is safe at the linehaul office, and it is under the process of international delivery. I stayed at the office for necessary arrangements for international delivery.

Linehaul tracking ensures that the parcel is likely to be delivered to the final destination. And the receiver is ready to receive the parcel, be it a courier company or the end customer.

Aliexpress has a huge network and collaboration with many courier companies, and it offers its standard delivery to over 200 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK, the European Union, Asia and Africa. It uses different Courier companies like ePacket, EMS DHL UPS, TNT, UMAC Express, Flash Express Scipect and many more

If you are looking for linhual office near you then it can be any port, warehouse, or distribution center that courier companies used in international shipment to align the shipping process.

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