Temu VS Shein Which is Better – Detailed Review & Comparison of Best Prices, Quality & Shipping

Temu Vs Shein Which Is Better?

Temu vs shein is now the debate of the town as both are international e-commerce platforms. But in terms of quality, prices and shipping time both are competitors to each other in multiple regions, especially in the USA market. Both Shein and Temu offers a diverse range of products with competitive but reasonable prices, and they both are cheaper as compare to other platforms.

In many scenarios Temu takes a little edge in term of Temu vs Shein Comparison. Shein is offering its services from last 15 years but Temu just boomed the United States online market within just 2 years of its launch that was in September 2022.

Temu Vs Shein: Introduction

  • Both Are International Online Market Places
  • Major Players in USA Online Market
  • Fulfill Their products in Multiple Markets
  • Both Has Diverse Product Line and Audiance
Temu vs Shein

What is TEMU?

Temu is an B2C ecommerce store owned by a Chinese company PDD Holdings. It was launched in America in 2022 and within no time it broke many records. Its free app was on the top app spot in google play store, for more than a year, with 100 million plus active users. All these milestones were crossed within 2 years of its creation. The main reason for this much popularity is, “Low prices but good quality”.

What is SHEIN?

Shein is a platform known for global fashion and lifestyle products. It was launched 15 years ago and was overlooked by many big brands in the fashion industry. But Post-Covid period gave a revival to this brand and it gained the popularity in the audience and became a market leader in its respective category. It has the headquarter situated in Singapore.

Temu Vs Shein Payment Security

Temu VS Shein Payment

In Ecommerce, payment term, conditions, security and user’s data protection, plays a vital role for the acceptance of a platform in the eye of customers.

Both Temu and Shein accept most of the available payment methods based on the region, gov laws, territorial laws and so on. In the United States both platforms accept all major debit and credit cards, PayPal, Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay and all other secure payment methods.

Temu vs Shein, both guarantee to its customers, that the user data will be secure and an advanced encrypted system will be user to secure the buyer from any possible data leakage. All the available payment methods, supported by these platforms, are secure but PayPal and Credit Card has edge over other payment methods. These two methods allow you to charge back if you feel these is something wrong and it provides an extra layer of security to user.

Payment methods that allow you to pay on delivery gives you the leverage of having an advantage of checking the product before pay. Afterpay and Klarna are such payment methods. With such offers and payment methods the probability of scam got reduced and the concern of people “is Temu legit or is Shein legit” becomes false. You can choose a safer payment option to have a secure shopping.

TEMU Vs Shein Shipping Time & Cost

Exact delivery and shipping time always depend on the various factors including place of origin, destinations, number of stations between two points, time of arrival and stay at linehaul offices, courier service used, their policies, rules and regulations, weather or other natural conditions and so on.

Sometimes, a seller ships the product instantly after confirmation of order but the shipment stuck at any point of shipment may cause delay for instance DHL Shipment on hold or USPS office timing or any other reason.

The shipping time of both the platform is same but the Temu offers a $5 compensation on any possible delay and also Temu shipping time is little quicker than the Shein delivery time.

Both companies offer various king of shipping options

Temu Shipping

Temu is known for Cheap prices of products because most of the products Temu ship from china. So the shipping time may vary but mostly in standard shipping it takes 6 to 20 days while in express shipping the shipping time reduces to within a week.

Shein Shipping

Like TEMU, Shein also has Standard Shipping and Express Shipping. It usually takes 7-10 days for Shein to be delivered to the US with Standard shipping. Express shipping usually takes less than seven days. It costs $12.90 and charges no money when your order is over $129.00.

Shein Vs Temu Return & Refund Policy

Every successful online platform must have one quality and that is client satisfaction. Both Temu and Shein offers a good return policy for the satisfaction of their customers. Let’s explore Temu vs Shein return policies.

Shein VS Temu Return & Refund Policy

Temu Return Policy:

Temu gives you the option for returning the purchased item within 90 days of the purchase. But there are some conditions, that must be fulfilled. There is a list of items that are nonrefundable.

  • After delivery, used, washed, damaged or worn cloths are nonrefundable
  • Cloths with the removed hygiene sticker or tags
  • Grocery Items or food products
  • Free gifts, promotional orders or couponed products

Temu allows you to claim your refund withing 90 days of your order, your first refund shipment will be free but after the first shipment the next refund shipment will cost you $7.99 (for the same order).

You need to submit your return product to the assigned courier company, that Temu mention you when you open the case, within 14 days after opening the return case. If your item is returnable, the refund will be issued to your original payment account within 5 to 14 business days. But when your item meets the criteria, you can return it.

Shein Return Policy

Shein offers you a grace period of 30 days to decide if the purchased item is best for you. You can content the Shein customer care within 30 days to claim a free refund or exchange.

But there is some condition that must be fulfilled. The returnable items must not be worn, washed, damaged or used after receiving by the purchaser and must be in their original condition with original packing. These are nonrefundable items on Shein.

  • Bodysuits, swimwear, jewelry, lingerie, underwear, DIY supplies, event & party supplies, pet supplies, beauty and accessories (scarves, mermaid blankets and bags are excluded). These are the items that can’t be exchange or returned.
  • Products that are free gifts or are purchased from any promotional deals, are also nonrefundable.

Unlike Temu, Shein Don’t offer free refund shipment, but the client has to pay the shipping fee. In this matter Shein refund policy is little rigid as compare to Temu.

Shein Vs Temu Comparison of Features

Temu Vs Shein Reviews OR Conclusion

Both TEMU and SHEIN share some similarities. For example, they have smooth user interaction, a safe payment method, and low-priced quality products. However, TEMU is better than SHEIN when it comes to product variety, shipping policy, and customer service. In term of user satisfaction Temu is a bit ahead of Shein as it gives you 90 days refund time while Shein just offers a 30-day grace period of shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temu and Shein both are amazing platforms with competitive prices and products. But in some cases, Temu is ahead of Shein.

Temu is a new platform so the seller reputation can be questionable somewhere while Shein is serving from last 15 years and has all the sellers with good reputations. So Shein is somehow is ahead of Temu in term of quality.

No, both are owned by different firms. Though both belong to Chinese owners but both platforms ate separate.

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