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How Long Does Temu take to ship is one of the most common queries search by buyer before placing their order. Temu is a famous China based company that has gained a lot of attention in the field of online shopping that offers quality products produced and shipped from China with fast Temu shipping time and delivery. How long does Temu take to ship depends on various factors but normally it offers fast delivery to its customers.

Normally, Temu offers two kind of shipping and both have different delivery times:

Average Temu Shipping Time

Standard delivery: 6 to 20 days

Express Shipping: 4 to 9 days

How Long Does Temu Take To Ship


Temu shipping time depends on various factors and the time can be differ based on location, item type, national and international regulation and much more. We have discussed below, all the factors and shipping times for different countries and regions of the world.

How fast is Temu shipping and how long does Temu take to ship to USA, Canada, Australia, NZ or UK? is the most common questions that usually every 2nd Temu Buyer wants to know and its their right to know the exact Temu Shipping time and when they will have their bought product in their hands

Temu is also known the discounted prices for good quality products, household items, electronics and consumer goods for daily usage. This platform is famous for its sales, promotional giveaways, coupons and other referral programs that allows the customers to avail great discounts.

But being a China based platform, the major concern of buyers is “How Long Does Temu Take to ship to different parts of world”

Temu Shipping Time & Methods

Temu Shipping Time

Temu mostly follows or offers two types of shipping for the convenience of its users and to maintain short Temu delivery time. A customer can make an estimate of how long does Temu take to ship to buyer’s address, delivery destination and where does Temu ship from.

1.     Temu Standard delivery:

This is the normal kind of shipping and the estimated delivery time can be from 6 to 20 days. This time period depends of various factors like the availability of your ordered product at your nearest Temu’s Wearhouse, distance between the point of pickup and delivery, weather conditions, time of flight or vessels, and when the parcel arrived at linehaul offices and how much time it stayed there.

Keep in mind that in standard shipping the tracking information will only available when the parcel handed over to the local carrier or third-party shipper. Even some times the hold on the parcel delivery by third party shipper can delay the shipment, e.g. Shipment hold by DHL and these issue can impact on how long does Temu take to ship.

2.     TEMU Express Shipping:

Temu express shipping time is way faster than the standard shipping. In Express delivery it usually takes 4 to 9 days to deliver your order.

Temu Express shipping is ideal for buyers who wants the product to reach at their door steps in as minimal time it can be but Express shipping can cost them $12.90 for the order value under $129.

How Does The Temu Shipping Process Work?

When a buyer places the order on Temu, it starts the process immediately and forward the request for the nearby or best suitable Wearhouse to start working on your shipment. This process can take 1 to 3 days.

Afterwards, the packaging and other necessary measure take place and the shipment handed over to a third-party shipper to pick the parcel from nearby Temu Consolidation center and deliver it to your doorsteps. Stay at the consolidation center has the impact on how long does Temu take to ship the parcel at your address.

Sometimes, Temu deal with the complexities like Wearhouse locations, product quantity, weight, dimensional weight and much more in an optimum way to ensure the processing time should not exceed 1-3 days.

For example, if your order weight is exceeding the limit of a courier service then Temu divide the parts of product into multiple parcels to ensure the fast delivery, but exceptions are always there.

Temu also provide the tracking number to its customers to see the estimated Temu shipping time and the process under which your order is processing in real-time.

How Long Does Temu Take To Deliver To Different Locations?

Temu is an international platform that offers worldwide deliveries for its customers. From China to US, UK, Philippines, or anywhere in the world, Temu made itself accessible to the buyer and made the reputation of being an international brand.

How Long does Temu Take to Ship To USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK

However, Temu shipping time varies by country based on the shipping method, distance from the warehouse, national and international policies and customs regulations, and more. Let’s move further to see how much Temu Takes to ship to different locations.

Even for some countries, where Temu doesn’t ship directly, they use freight forwarding companies to deliver. So, the Temu shipping time in those countries by using third party forwarding companies and courier companies that can pick the order from a Temu warehouse and ship it to your door steps.

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How Long Does TEMU Take To Ship To USA?

Temu shipping time in the USA is based on various factors. In some cases, Temu offers free shipping to different states like Florida, California, New York, and Texas.

Average Temu Shipping Times For USA

Standard Shipping:

Temu offers free shipping that takes 5-8 working days.

Express shipping:

It is available at an additional cost, reducing the Temu shipping time to 2 to 3 working days

TEMU Shipping Time in Florida

TEMU offers both types of shipping for Florida: 

Standard Shipping:

Cost: Free on all orders.

Delivery time: 6-22 Days

Express Shipping:

Cost: $12.90 for Temu orders below $129.00, and free for orders equal to or exceeding $129.00

Delivery time: 4- 9 days

How Long Does TEMU Take To Ship To California?

For delivery in California, your courier company, Post office timing and the distance has a great influence on how long does it take for Temu to ship but normal Temu shipping time and cost are following:

Standard Shipping

Cost: Free on all orders.

Delivery time: 6-22 days

Express Shipping

Cost: $12.90 for orders below $129.00, and free for orders equal to or exceeding $129.00

Delivery time: 4- 9 days

How Long Does TEMU Take To Ship To Hawaii?

Temu offers free standard shipping on all orders that takes 6 to 22 days for delivery.

However, for Alaska and Hawaii, an additional transit time of 2 to 7 business days should be expected. 

How Long Does Temu Take To Ship To Canada?

Temu launched in Canada in February 2023. Since then it is exciting the Canadian buyer market capital of Temu is growing rapidly in Canada. Temu shipping time in Canada differ for both standers and express shipping.

Standard Shipping

Delivery time: 6-22 days

Cost: Free on all orders.

Express Shipping:

Cost: $12.90 for orders below $129.00, and free for orders equal to or exceeding $129.00

Delivery time: 4- 9 days

How Long Does Temu Take To Ship To Germany?

Temu shipping time to Germany can vary, depending on some factors. Temu offers both kind of shipping in for Germany. But various factors like selection of third party courier service, linehaul office regulations and consolidation centers has great impact on how long does Temu take to ship in Germany

Standard Shipping:

Cost: Free on all orders.

Delivery time: 6 – 8 days

Express Shipping:

Cost: £9.00

Delivery time: 3 – 8 days

Using standard shipping, Temu takes 6-8 days to ship in Germany. Sometimes, delivery times are shortened to 5 – 6 days.

How Long Does TEMU Take To Ship To Australia?

Temu offers free shipping for all standard orders. The order processing time is around 1-3 days. While, Standard shipping usually takes 6-20 days. You may choose standard or express shipping but it will cost you extra charges. Temu also offers shipping to Australia using a special method. Temu doesn’t deliver directly to Australia.

Standard Shipping: 6-20 days

How Does TEMU Take Time To Ship To the United Kingdom (UK)?

Temu doesn’t offer direct shipping to the UK, but Temu use package forwarder or freight forwarder company that can accept the Temu order in the United States and ship it to your UK address. That is why, calculating “how long does Temu take to ship to UK” is a bit complicated and tricky question and Temu shipping time can vary for each order.

You need to select a forwarder company that accepts your Temu order on your behalf in the United States and then forwards it to your address in United Kingdom.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Step 1Choose a Package Forwarder: Select it wisely by considering factors like service fees, normal or additional charges, and customer service.
  • Step 2Place Your Order on Temu: Place your order on Temu and select your forwarder address as your shipping address.
  • Step 3Forwarding Process: Once your freight forwarding company receive your order at their US address, they’ll forward it to your United Kingdom address.

Temu Shipping Time in New Zealand:

New Zealand is also one of the countries where Temu does not directly ship but if you odder Temu products then it will be delivered to your doorstep by using third party forwarder and courier companies.

You need to select a forwarder company that accepts your Temu order on your behalf in the United States and then forwards it to your address in New Zealand.

Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Step 1Choose a Package Forwarder: Factors to consider include service fees, monthly charges, and customer service.
  • Step 2Place Your Order on Temu: Go ahead and place your order on 
  • Step 3Forwarding Process: Once your order arrives at the package forwarder’s US address, they’ll forward it to your New Zealand location.

How Long Does Temu Take To Ship To Jamaica?

Temu doesn’t offers direct delivery to Jamica but it uses some selected third-party shippers. This can cost you about $10-$30 (including insurance) extra, depending on the product

Temu International Shipping Time For Different Regions

Temu offers shipping to over 100 countries. The shipping time varies by destination. To get an accurate delivery estimate for your location, add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Like the Shein shipping time, the Temu shipping time is also fast and some how it is getting edge over Shein vs Temu debate.

Shipping time will be displayed during checkout orders based on your shipping. This in not the exact time but an estimation that how long does Temu take to ship to these countries and regions of the world.

       CountriesShipping time
Western Europe7-14 days
Australia10-18 days
Asia14-21 days
South America15-25 days
Rest of the world15-30 days

List of Countries Where Temu offer Direct & Shipping

BulgariaGermanyMexicoSouth Korea
CroatiaHungaryNew ZealandSweden
Czech RepublicItalyPolandUnited Kingdom
DenmarkJapanPortugalUnited States

How To Choose A Freight Forwarder To Send Products From Temu?

Choosing the right freight forwarder to collect your products on your behalf and send it to your county and address is vital and a crucial process. Selection of forwarder determines your Temu shipping time, and the cost of shipment.

Here are the five Factors you need to consider while selecting forwarder:

  • Service Fees: How much they charge to collect on your behalf and ship packages to your address, including additional services like long-term storage, re-packing, and more.
  • Monthly Fees: What they charge monthly fees?
  • Pricing Transparency: How clearly, they present their charges, extra costs, shipping process and timings.
  • Speed: How quickly they process your order and how much time they take to ship out packages.
  • Customer Service: What are the reviews of previous customers regarding their services, delivery, customer support and other matrix

How to Track Orders on Temu?

After confirming your order, Temu will provide you the order number and the tracking number that you can use to see the process of your shipment and estimated Temu shipping time.

You can track your order by:

  • Log in to your Temu account
  • Go to your orders tab and select your order
  • Click on track, and your shipping details will be at your screen

Temu Policies That Affect Shipping And Shipping Times

Temu is a Legit and safe platform same as Aliexpress is legit and safe to buy online for retailers. Temu is also an international platform, and it strictly follows international, national and domestic rules. Some times third party shippers make some issue like DHL Shipment got on hold, due to their own policies.

That is why buyers must check their national regulations and the policies devised by Temu for smooth and safe delivery and services.

Temu’s Free Shipping Policy

Currently, Temu offers free delivery on all standard shipments in the countries where it has its presence. While, on Express shipping it may cost you some extra charges and will offer you fast delivery.

Temu Return and Refund Policy

Temu offers the return policy if you are not satisfied with the Temu services and product.

is temu safe to order from, Temu Return Policy

Time offer a grace period of 90 days from the purchase date in which you can claim your refund and the first refund is free but from your second refund to onward Temu will charge you $7.99 on each refund. You need to use Temu return labels provided by Temu.

Once returned, you can choose between receiving a Temu credit (less than three minutes) and a credit back to your credit card (up to 18 business days). It’s worth noting that any item you return must be postmarked within 14 days after submitting a return on the Temu app or website. Otherwise, your return process will be eliminated. 

Temu Shipping Overview

Temu has a rating of 2.31 stars from 1,670 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers mostly complain about Temu customer service, credit card, and poor quality problems. The most common quires the buyer put before purchasing is how long does Temu take to ship to XYZ location.


Temu is an in-demand international brand, serving in many product lines and covering almost every important country. Now a days, people tend to buy from Temu and the concern “How Long does Temu Take to Ship or Temu Shipping Time” is the most common one among the online buyers.

The shipping time is different from product to product, country to country, region to region and area to area. There are multiple factors that influences the shipping time. But the average shipping time can be 6 to 20 days for standard shipping and 4 to 9 days for Express shipping in most of the cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Temu is not delivering directly to Australia. You need to use the freight forwarding or package forwarding services.

TEMU websites are similar to those of Shein and Alibaba. A lot of customers have a boring experience shopping. Others leave bad reviews about TEMU. TEMU definitely isn’t a total scam website.

Yes, most products on Temu are authentic and real and are linked with trusted suppliers. Also, Temu offers you a refund options within the 90 Days of your order placement.

Averagely, Temu takes 6 to 20 days to ship in most cases, in standard shipping. This time can be shorter as well depends on various factors. Including product, region, location, shipper and so on.

TEMU Express Shipping time takes 2-3 business days.

Yes, Temu is safe to use cradit and debit cards.

Temu follows strict rules to protect buyers data and uses a highly encrypted system to offer the buyers safe, legit and secure transactions.

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